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Marmaris Life

Posted by maris on March 2, 2022
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The Marmaris Guide

The former center of fishing and diving, Marmaris has become the second-highest-populated region in Mugla in Mugla, after Bodrum.

Its humble reputation has made it an ever-growing modern tourist destination, making it a multi-cultural destination.

The Datca peninsula that lies on its western shore and the Mediterranean Sea to its south, Marmaris, has become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world and Turks and has resulted in an increase in demand for real estate over the past few months.

It’s not hard to understand why this is the case with cobblestone streets, blue oceans, green forests, and the cosmopolitan vibe.

Are you certain Marmaris is the best choice for you? Let’s see.

Retiring in Marmaris

Although it’s not as popular in the same way as Fethiye or Bodrum situated within Bodrum within the Aegean Province Mugla, Marmaris has increased interest in recent years, especially among those who are part of those from the British and Russian ex-pats as it is a vacation and retirement destination.

Marmaris enjoys the sun and mild weather throughout the year like most shores with golden Turkey. It is a perfect location for retirees, particularly those who want summer sunshine throughout the year. If you add in the humidity levels, this can make it uncomfortable for older people and those who suffer from chronic illness, so it is crucial to consider this.

The city’s center is the sought-after spot to reside. Armutalan, along with Beldibi, is the perfect retirement destination.

Lifestyle in Marmaris

Because it is a tourist destination, many establishments, like cafes, bars and restaurants, shut down in the winter months, and resume their regular summer routines.

The harbour and marina are the main hubs for activity, while the restaurants and bars along the beach are always full. The nightlife is vibrant and varied and caters to all kinds of patrons.

Much of the influence is due to the ex-pat population of the region. It is typical to find many foreign cuisines served in eateries, including British chippies.

The weekly bazaars held in the town provide the best and most colourful selection of goods, including tropical fruit, because of the humidity.

In the end, Marmaris is an excellent area to live a simple and comfortable lifestyle.

Cost of Living in Marmaris

Compared to central towns and regions in the central regions, living costs in Marmaris are higher than in most cities. However, it is cheaper in comparison to Datca as well as Bodrum. Compared to Europe and the UK, living standards are more affordable and include fewer services and more fresh produce and vegetables.

Heating is not required for about three or four months. It is possible to invest in an air conditioning unit during the summer, especially if you’re uncomfortable with the temperature.

The living costs are more expensive than the minimum wages for the United States (around $250). The majority is rent, starting at around about TL 2,500. Rent prices start to increase from March through April. Therefore, finding a suitable rental in the winter months is recommended to stay longer.

5 Things You’ll Like About Marmaris

Beautiful beaches and beautiful bays

A popular beach in Marmaris. Well-known beaches in Marmaris The most well-known beaches is Sedir Island, also known as Cleopatra Island. It is the beach that Roman general Marcus Antonius has shipped tons of golden sand to Egypt to his sole and only love queen Cleopatra.

From the crystal clear, clear seas surrounding Icmeler bay and Turunc beach, which is dotted with lemon trees, to the peaceful beaches of Selimiye, which are perfect for escaping the noise and bustle. Marmaris’ beaches and coves are plentiful.

Adventures in sports

Marmaris has a wide range of outdoor sports like jeep safaris, hang-gliding and climbing, quad biking, sailing, rafting and diving. There’s no shortage of adrenaline-inducing activities to take part in at Marmaris during the summer months. Marmaris is also one of the locations that host Marmaris taking part in the World Rally Championship. World Rally Championship.

The history of nature and the natural world, both in one.

There is a belief that the Marmaris region is famous for its beauty in nature and its rich archaeological and cultural heritage. Marmaris is the home of many cities from the past that date to Roman and Hellenistic times. Physios, Loryma, Amos, Bybassos, and Knidos are but a few among the numerous. Don’t be surprised if you find the remains of old buildings scattered around when hiking through the woods.

The weather is ideal for swimming.

Suppose the sun shines brightly for 9 to 10 months close to where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas are at their intersection; you can take advantage of swimming for seven months. If the temperature drops below 17 ° Celsius in the lowest degree, you can enjoy the clear, crystal-clear waters for longer if you’re brave enough.

Meet me halfway

Marmaris’s proximity to other tourist destinations provides a perfect location to spend weekends away or day trips, especially during winter, where the atmosphere is peaceful. Beginning from Bodrum and Datca towards the west and ending at Fethiye and Dalyan to the east, these well-known destinations are just about an hour from the city’s airport, including Dalaman Airport.

Five Things I’d love to have known before my move to Marmaris.

There aren’t a lot of job openings.

As with most resort cities, Your work opportunities will be limited to a few months. The ability to communicate in English and Russian could give you an advantage. If you’re working in the field of hospitality, there’s a possibility that you’ll have to prepare for winter.

Rain and humidity

Did you know that Marmaris is second only to Rize in the notoriously evergreen, dreary Black Sea region when it rains? Because of its location near the center of the mountain range, this region is frequently drenched by rain, which leads to the highest humidity levels, making that summer’s heat more intense than it normally is.

  • Ghost town

Like its neighbouring districts, Fethiye and Bodrum, the town is quiet after the tourists and tourists have left. Although summer is a bustling, diverse melting pot in the winter and fall, there is a drastic reduction in the population, which could be a good thing or lonely.

  • The heating problem

If you’re in the coastal areas of Mugla, It is important to be aware that burning coal is not allowed. This means you’ll have to select among air-cooling or an open wood stove to give your home warmth. But, you could also consider central heating because Mugla is a place with moderate temperatures all year. It’s the time of year when it’s likely to cost you money.

  • Forest fires

Although it’s not at the standard found in California or Australia, forests are common in Marmaris during the summer. It’s not just limited to Marmaris. But, the tourist destinations in the south of Turkey might be affected by occasional fires. This is why it’s crucial to think about this when choosing the property to purchase.

5 Nearby Towns to Visit

  • Rhodes
  • Datca
  • Gokova
  • Akyaka
  • Dalyan

Marmaris is also a very good location for dental treatments; you can have a holiday during your smile makeover.

Dental treatments for your teeth can be expensive and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for making your dental experience a pleasant one:

– Get a dental checkup before you go away on a holiday

If you want to make sure your teeth are in good shape, schedule an appointment with your dentist at least three months before your holiday. If you don’t have time to wait that long, try to see the dentist while staying at your destination.

– Chew gum and rinse with water (rinse out)

Try to brush along the gum line instead of against it when brushing. You may not even realize how much plaque is under your gums and cause more harm than good if you brush against them. Also, be sure to rinse out immediately after brushing.

-Schedule your appointment with a dentist who is not only qualified but also has plenty of time to spare. This will ensure that you won’t need to go on any additional trips to finish the process.

Before every visit, floss and brush your teeth carefully to avoid rotting food particles or bacteria in between them. This will decrease the risk of oral health problems in children because they will be less likely to develop cavities or plaque buildup.

At Marmaris Investments, we recommend Marmarisdentalcenter for all your dental needs.


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